Friday, March 1, 2013



Last night the random winner for the blog give away away was chosen via Random Name Picker. The winner was  RISA from Who Shot Down My Stork? Congrats, girl! All I need now is an address to send it to! 

Today is CD 20. I am done peeing on sticks. If ovulation happened, it happened... and if it happens... well, it happens. I need a break from pee sticks and bd-ing. Sorry, babe, nothing personal (I know he feels the exact same way!) 

I had EWCM yesterday along with lots of "O" pains. This morning my temp went from 97.18 to 97.45; so that is a good sign.

I wish I knew what DPO I was; if at all!

This is why we monitor with U/S and lab work. I do not play well with ovulation sticks!


  1. Hi, Here from the March ICLW list even thought it's not ICLW week yet... I too do not play well with ovulation sticks and have unpredictable ovulation. Hopefully the sticks just missed it and your bd efforts will pay off!

    1. Welcome!! Thanks, me too! OPKS are the devil!

  2. I'm glad you are done poas! I'm not glad at how frustrating this cycle has been for you though. I just think too many pee sticks can mess with your head!! Lol I'm sure it s super frustrating not knowing where you are in your cycle. Actually, I'm kinda there myself as I wait for AF to visit. Hopefully you did ovulate and with all the bd'ing you've been doing, it will have paid off!!

  3. Can't wait to get my prize! That sucks girl. All that BDing must me exhausting. And I don't mean that in the sarcastic fertile way. I seriously must be exhausting.


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