Sunday, March 3, 2013

Post Card Swap and Book Club Updates

Well, I am finally getting around to writing about the "Postcard Swap" and the Book Club.

Post Card Swap...
Let me start off by saying I drove all over Bend looking for postcards yesterday and did not found any. I heard there are some at Rite-Aid, so I guess I will look there today. Who knew people didn't buy or send post cards anymore?

I have done some research on how to run a Postcard Swap but I am not 100% happy with the way they are ran; so I am going to make some adjustments to the rules. 

First, I will need anyone who is wanting to participate to email me with their full name and address along with a valid email address. If I don't have your email address then you can't get the 4 addresses that you will need to send postcards to. 

Each person will get 4 address and will need to mail the postcards out within the designated dates. (TBA)

We have two options.

Option #1:
I will keep track of who sent who cards and each month (if all goes well) I will assign you new addresses until we all have made our way around the world.

Option #2
I will randomly assign each of you 4 addresses. You will send those 4 people postcards and in return they will send you one. 

What are your thoughts, bloggy friends?

Don't forget that if you don't send your postcards you will let a real person down! 

Now, for the Book Club....
We have chosen some books and I think we are ready to decide on which one is the winner! 
So, please comment with your reading choice below!

I figure we can read at our leisure and toward the end of the month I will post discussion questions. People can chime in via comments as time allows. Then in April, we will pick a new book and make any adjustments to the "club" then.

Book Choices:
Time Traveler's Wife
Hotel on The Corner of Bitter and Sweet 
Kitchen House

Please, if anyone has any suggestions, feel free to voice them! 

Lastly, I am going to consider myself in the vicious 2WW... I have a P4 check on Tuesday, the 5th. 


  1. I vote for the kitchen house.

  2. The postcard swap sounds fun. I am wishing I bought some postcards yesterday when I had the chance!

    My choice for the book club is The Kitchen House for sure.

    1. I am still looking for postcards! We might have to add "homemade" ones to it! ;-)

      That is 2 so far for the Kitchen House!

  3. Kitchen house works for me!

    Sending my postcard info now

    1. Wait what is your email address?

    2. Oh, I fixed it! It should link to an email now up above in the post!

    3. Ok thanks. Just sent my info to you

    4. Great, I got it! Thanks so much!!

  4. I vote for Kitchen house, too

  5. Everything crossed as you enter the 2ww!

  6. I want in for the book club, but I'm not going to vote, because I would seriously be happy with any of these. And so far it looks like it may be The Kitchen House. Looking forward to it!!

  7. I'd too love to be part of the postcard exchange :)

    1. Janet- Thats great! Please email me your address and email!

  8. Your postcard swap... is it working? If so how does it work coz i would love to get postcards from around the world?

    1. I have not done one since... it did not work out as well as I was hoping. Bummer!


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