Monday, February 11, 2013

Green Light!

Today I had my baseline ultrasound. Everything looks "great"! We are clear to move ahead! I start Femara, 7.5mg tomorrow. The technician said the endometrium looks good and I have about 20 follicles on each side. She was even nice enough to print out a photo so that I can share what follicles and ovaries look like.  That darker almond shaped thing in the middle is my ovary and the little black spots inside that are follicles.... "potential" eggs!

Left Ovary
The nurse said to start testing OPKs on CD 10-11. I feel like I just stopped testing and now I have to start all over! I am sure my IF friends are rolling their eyes; they know first hand how neurotic I am about OPKs! So, let me apologize in advance!

Here we go again! Femara cycle #5. Wish us luck!


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