Monday, September 2, 2013

A Week In Review

I don't know about you but, I loved the guest blog post! I am happy my guest was willing to share her story with us. Thank you to everyone who left a comment for her. I found them all to be very kind and appreciative. I also don't find anything about her situation to be selfish or greedy.  Thank you to the writer for the honest post; I wish you nothing but success!

Today is CD 27, and I am supposedly DPO 10. After my positive OPK we bd'd that night but not the next. I was so exhausted that night that I just went straight to sleep; I didn't care what was happening. We did bd the next night, though! I must really be enjoying this TTC break because I was not mad, disappointed, or annoyed that we didn't get our "freak on" every day for 5 days. I was totally cool with it.

Some might call me a pessimist, and that is fine, but after all the BFN we have had; even with all the monitoring, ultrasounds, shots, blood draws, IUIs, TI, that I didn't want to put pressure on myself or Mike to get the timing right; I mean, come on, we can't get the timing right even with all the "monitoring". Remember our last medicated cycle? I ovulated right before my IUI! There was a corpeus luteum where my 20+mm follicle should have been. My P4 came back low, but close enough to assume ovulation had just occurred. Regardless, the timing was off.

I have been having the usual left ovary pains and some mild back ache. I got my positive OPK on CD 16 and I tested a few days after that to see what would happen and again on CD 29; they were all negative so, I am assuming the test was accurate and that I am awesome at reading my body! I mean,  I tested out of pure intuition! How rad is that?! Did I just use the word rad?

What else? Um, work is kick-ass! Of course, there is the normal office drama, but at least it isn't too bad, and the girls are all really cool to me. I like everyone there and I am just trying to stay on everyone's good side for as long as I can. Wednesday was one of the hygienists last day so most of us went out for drinks after work. We had a good time; can't you tell?

Goofing off at Brother John's Public House
Friday, my sister talked me into walking dogs at the animal shelter; it was so much fun, as well as a little bit heartbreaking! I witnessed an adorable puppy and mother get separated and I saw so many wonderful dogs without homes. However, I did meet a lot of great dogs that were not "my typical" breed and one that I even thought about taking home.

Saturday, I took Mike down to the shelter and we added to our family of three. Yep, that's right, we adopted; we adopted a little boy about six months old and in desperate need of a neuter! His name is Zeke and he is a boxer/something, mix. He is ball of energy but, he is so sweet and Zoie just loves him. We even had the kiddos spend the night last night; only after one night of having him, and he did great! He doesn't pee or poop in the house, he was gentle with the kids, he uses the doggie door, he is kennel trained, and I even taught him how to shake! It's safe to say that we are all in love and that my sister needs to adopt one now, too!

Zeke (6months) and Zoie (5.5 years)
The kids had so much fun playing with the puppy, we sure appreciated them wearing him out! It is always so fun to have the kids over. Mike and I were talking about how cool it is to look back and tell stories about them when they were little. We have been having them spend the night since Lance was in diapers and slept in a play pen. Lily always LOVED Zoie, Lance, not so much.

Cookies, nails, and funny faces

Today, we went out to my mom and dad's to grab some vegetables from their garden and some wood from the wood pile. I forget sometimes too often, how lucky we are. My parents really are amazing. My dad has a nearly 2 acre garden that feeds all of his kids and a quarter of the town they live in; all free of charge. Every time we stop by, my mom offers some sort of food: cookies, leftovers, jam, jelly, canned goods, extra butter... the list goes on. Any time we go camping, we head over to the folks house to load up on firewood. My dad is the one the goes up, cuts the trees, loads it up, stacks it up and is always willing to give us whatever we need. They truly are the most selfless, giving, people I know. 

Anyway, enough with the sappy stuff... when we were out there today I was grabbing some fresh garden goodies that they had  and when I saw the potatoes and I just had to take a picture of their sizes; I was shocked!

FYI: My shoe size is a 10
Tomorrow I have oral surgery. I am having an implant placed on a back molar (tooth #30, for those familiar with the tooth chart). I have to go in at 9am and since I will be put under for the procedure, Mike will take me. He was off today for the holiday, and he took tomorrow off to lounge around help me, then we leave for the coast on Thursday! I tried to convince him to take Wednesday off too, so that we could leave a day earlier and spend more time on the beach but, Zeke is getting neutered that day so, Thursday it is. Regardless, I am stoked to be camping and at the coast!

If you know me at all... I won't take a HPT for a while. Although, I did get a crap load of them in the mail from Katie at Non Sequitur Chica so I might just give the whole testing thing a whirl...  I will keep ya posted!

Before I end this post I want to let you all know of a great new blog called Ask an Infertile. I was asked to be a contributor on this blog by the founder, Melissa. I was honored and quickly agreed. Even though the blog is in it's infancy stage, I believe it will be a great asset for anyone who may be facing infertility or who may know of someone who is. I hope you check it out and help it grow!

Also, stop by my dear friend,Toni's blog, Just T, and wish her a ton of luck as she visits Dr. Kwak-Kim in Chicago in tomorrow; if you can!! Hopefully she will get some wonderful, helpful, reassuring news!

And lastly, thank you to those of you who have mentioned my blog posts to the Stirrup Queens blog round-up! I appreciate the kind words, the support I've received, and the added traffic!

I hope each and everyone of you are doing well! 
Wish me luck tomorrow.


  1. So funny that I'm headed to the coast on Friday!! Have a great time!

  2. Sounds like a great week! I love Zeke!! He is adorable. So glad you were able to give him a home :)

  3. Good luck at the dentist. I am absolutely terrified of the dentist! The new pup is adorable! Enjoy the added love!!

  4. Congrats on your new puppy. Oh my goodness, that is a gigantic potatoe! Your parents are amazing and I can testify to the wonderful bounty of your dad's garden! I think that is way awesome. Good luck w/ your oral surgery today. And have a wonderful anniversary weekend at the coast!

  5. Those are some really big potatoes!

    Congrats on the new pup, and I hope your dental surgery goes well. I despise the dentist. I haven't been in more than four years. Ugh.

  6. Congrats on the new puppy- he is adorable!!

  7. I'm loving the guest posts, love the honesty!

    Hope your dental surgery went smoothly!

  8. Congratulations on the new addition to your family - what a good looking pup! I hope that step one of the implant process went well. The hardest part is over, but none of it is very fun. :-/ Hope you are having an amazing time at the coast.


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