Saturday, January 26, 2013

Go baby Go!

Just for fun!

My OPK was POSITIVE last night and that test line WAS there again on this morning stick! My temperature went from 96.58 yesterday to 97.58 today, but I had a lot of interruptions last night trying to sleep, since my dogs are so ill behaved. I am having pains on the left side again and hoping to feel more. Fingers crossed! Lets hope my DH can make it through these next few days. Neither of us are huge fans of TI!

On a side note, my DH is super happy about this ovulation... he really wanted to go fishing next weekend; and now he can!


  1. Ha ha TI... what fun we infertiles have! My hus and I had HUGE problems with the TI and I am actually glad for the IUIs now.

    1. TI is a pain. We much prefer the IUI's but we did little monitoring this cycle- but you can bet next cycle will include and IUI! ;-)

  2. After the frustration of waiting for my ovaries to decide if they want to ovulate early or late each cycle, and ovulating at the most inconvenient time for TI, we are actually really happy to move on to Femara, ovulation triggers and IUI!


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