Sunday, January 13, 2013


Well, there may be a change of plans. I am waiting for a call back from my RE's office as I write this.

I had a cycle start December 28th and it ended January 1st. Once we decided to start trying again I stopped taking the birth control pills. I stopped them 9 days into my cycle. I didn't think there was an issue because the RN just said to stop taking them, she never said when. So, on CD 13 (Thursday) I noticed some spotting. It was very light and almost brown. This was mentioned to Sharon, and we said my cycle could very well start, and that I very well could ovulate. She said in fact that it tends to be the case with women with PCOS. She told me to let her know when I had a full flow.

I called on Friday to tell her that in fact the bleeding had changed. I had to use a tampon that one morning. But, the rest of the day was back to a very light flow with bright red blood and by the end of the night- nothing. Today, I again have very light spotting.

Since the Femara was $138.00, I don't want to waste it by taking it at the wrong time. I have a feeling the bleeding has something to do with stopping the BCPs. I have read online that stopping BCP causes the hormone levels to drop and that will cause menses to start; it can happen 7-14 days after stopping BCPs.

So, right now I am in limbo! I am okay with waiting this month out and just trying for TI. At the same time I worry how long it will be before my next full cycle.

I guess for now, I will sit back enjoy my ONE cup of coffee for the day and wait for a call back!

Happy Play-offs NFL fans! I am sad that Denver is out. What a HORRIBLE interception by Manning in OT! Ugh....

Doctor's office called back at 9am. This is CD#3- Moving forward with Femara #4 at 7.5mg for 5 days!


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