Monday, January 7, 2013

Do you do it?

I am talking about meditation.

I never have. Recently I started looking into it. I work in an "alternative health care" office and they believe highly in meditation, relaxation and cleansing behaviors. It seems that I have a hard time with that type of stuff, even religion. I seem to require answers, scientific fact and we can't forget that I crave instant gratification! Obviously, none of those things ever helped me. That type of thinking always left me in trouble or unsatisfied, even mad. 

So, maybe I need to change my thinking; my stinkin thinkin. I found some mediation music online specific to fertility (so it says). Lately, I have this vision of  me: putting on some headphones, laying on the bed, alone, with the curtains closed, the door shut; there I am,  just laying there, drifting off to another place, fully relaxed, calm and open. Focused on my body and visioning what it is that I want.

I have decided to give it a try!

Is that meditation? I don't think there is a certain way to meditate. I see it kind of like praying. There is no right way to do it.

But, when I think of mediation I think of this:

Can't it mean this... 


  1. Oh boy. I tried, I really really tried. I bought an ivf meditation cd for all the steps of ivf. I laid on my bed and closed my eyes. No matter how hard, I could not get to the point of relaxation that they expect. My counselor tried to help me visualize a ice cream cone during a session and I could not do it!

    Good luck! I think if you can get to that point then it would be so helpful on your mind, body and soul

  2. Toni- It's sooo hard!!! I think meditating definitely takes practice!


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