Friday, January 11, 2013

Femara Cycle #4

It's officially cycle day number uno! I stopped my birth control pills on Saturday the 5th (one week into my cycle). My last period was on December 28th. So, this is an early cycle for sure.

On Sunday, cycle day 3, I am suppose to start my Femara. I am taking 7.5mg this time. The last three times we did Femara cycles we used 5mg and only did a trigger shot and IUI once. I ovulated the first time on Femara remarkably well, my progesterone level was 29.7 on cycle day 21! That's pretty good.

The RN thinks since this is my first cycle off birth control and since I do show ovulation occurring with the Femara we didn't need to do a follicle check ultrasound, or IUI. She was basing this on our economic concern and the fact that I can ovulate and that is really all we need (and properly timed intercourse). However, if I WANT to do a HCG shot and IUI that is entirely up to me. I have this feeling inside that is telling me to just sit back, relax and try to time it right. But, timed intercourse and intercourse every other day for several days puts a lot of pressure on my husband, and an IUI is so much easier, less stressful, and we know the little guys go where they need to go.

So, the plan is to take Femara cycle days 3-7. Starting on cycle day 10, 11 or 12 (since I ovulate late) I will start OPK's. Once I see a slight change we are to "baby dance" that day and the next two days. She recommended every other day after that until cycle day 17. If we chose to do an IUI then we will do  mid-luteal blood work to see where I am in the cycle; we can also do a follicle check if we choose followed up with the IUI at my OB's office, here in town.

On cycle day 10, which is when I can start testing the LH surge, we will be out of town on a mini vacation. We are going wine tasting at a charming resort in Cottage Grove until the 21st; which is cycle day 12. I ovulate late so I may not get a positive surge until we get back but at least we can have a nice time relaxing, drinking wine away from home with one another during my most fertile time! How perfect is that timing?!

Fingers and toes are crossed. Say some prayers for us!!!


  1. Well it sounds like you are ready to go. Fingers crossed for you.

  2. Sounds like a great plan. Will be keeping everything crossed for you!!

  3. Great plans for this cycle. Sounds like perfect timing to me! Good luck.


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