Saturday, November 30, 2013

Were You Right?


The rules were to:

Tell us 3 things about you and make 1 of them a lie. Try to think about what other bloggers already know about you, what they might not know, and what might shock them. The trick is to make it difficult to tell which of the three is the lie....

Here are three things about me.

1. I saved a boy from drowning during a swimming lesson class and later received an award for it.

2. I never graduated from high school.

3. I got a tattoo on my 18th birthday that I absolutely hate and I've never told my parents.

I did "save" a boy from drowning during swimming lessons. He let go of the sides and couldn't keep himself above water by kicking and using his arms, so he slipped under and down I went. I pulled him back up and to the side. I was awarded a certificate after that for my "heroic" efforts.

Technically, I never really did graduate high school; I never walked with my graduating class. During the summer of my 11th grade I got my G.E.D. I hated high school and was not about to back my senior year. School for me was full of drama, competition, mean girls and nasty boys. I don't regret my G.E.D.

I do not have any tattoo;. at all. If I did, I would not be able to keep it a secret from anyone, let alone my parents!  

So, were you right?


  1. Nope! I was wrong, but now that I think about it, I should have known it was #3. You wouldn't be the type of person to keep a tattoo hidden or feel that you need to!

  2. That's so cool about your certificate for your heroism and really cool about getting your GED and not graduating high school. I hated high school, so I wish I had thought to do that -or be home schooled!

  3. yep! I was right - of course, knowing you in person probably puts me at an unfair advantage lol!

  4. I was wrong, but I'm glad you got your GED and how sweet to finish a year early! I hated high school as well!

    As for your lie, it reminded me of the time that I got my belly button pierced when I lived with my parents and I had to hide it from them. This wasn't so hard to do since I never showed my belly around them, but the night I got it done, I couldn't sit down...I had to lay down (they never noticed). Then one summer down the road when I was living in an apartment with Mike, I went to their house to lay in the yard and get some sun. My mom walked out and saw it and was like "When did you get that?!" with a disappointing tone. Oops. ha ha

  5. I can completely get why you didn't want to go back your senior year. I was homeschooled but attended a public school the last semester of senior year and I hated every minute of it.


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