Thursday, November 21, 2013

Tag: Two Truths and a Lie

I stumbled on Jenny's blog they other day and I was immediately tagged and now you are too!

If you are reading this, you have to do it.... those are the rules; Jenny says so.

Tell us 3 things about you and make 1 of them a lie. Try to think about what other bloggers already know about you, what they might not know, and what might shock them. The trick is to make it difficult to tell which of the three is the lie....

Here are three things about me.

1. I saved a boy from drowning during a swimming lesson class and later received an award for it.

2. I never graduated from high school.

3. I got a tattoo on my 18th birthday that I absolutely hate and I've never told my parents.


Comment below with which one you think is a lie.

Make a new post on your blog and do the same.

After you get a bunch of guesses (or whenever you feel like), make a new post with the right/wrong answers and explain them if you want.


  1. This is tough, Teresa! I am going to say that number 2 is a lie!

  2. I really have no idea but I'm hoping that #3 is TRUE because that would be awesome and then you would REALLY need to show us the photo evidence!!!!

  3. Tough since I don't know you well since I just recently started reading (actually, I don't *know* you at all...but you know what I mean). I'm going to guess #2.


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