Tuesday, July 23, 2013

"What nature delivers to us is never stale. Because what nature creates has eternity in it."

Hello, readers! I am sorry that I have been so absent on so many different levels. If you remember, I started a new job a few weeks back and I am just now getting used to the schedule. I've had to learn to manage my time all over again. Besides that, it is summer! With the amazing weather we have had, I've been spending most of my days outside.

I wish I could say that I am up to date on all the blogs and FB posts but, sadly I am not. I can't blame it all on the new job either. I think that since we have taken a break from aggressively TTC, I have neglected to read and comment on your blogs as consistently as I was. I hope that none of you take it personally and I hope that you know I am not doing it intentionally. I am always thinking you ladies and I am always praying for each one of you. I've just needed to re-group and focus on us for a little bit. I feel like that makes me seem like a poor multi-tasker and a bad friend. Ugh. I'm sorry.


We just got back from a camping trip on the McKenzie River. I had Friday off, so Mike took it off as well. We loaded up and headed out around 9:30am. When we got to camp we set up and took off to the Tamolitch Pool, aka Blue Pool. It was a 2 mile hike through lava beds and rich, green forest. It was hot and Zoie was super dehydrated. About half way through the hike she almost fell over. I am not kidding. It scared the sh*t out of us. Finally, we got to the pool and it was the most bluest of blues. The pictures do not do it justice. 

Saturday, we drove up the historic highway about 10 miles to Proxy Falls. This time we went up a little earlier; in the cooler part of the day. The hike was easier and only a mile and half. I was not prepared for the waterfall I was about to encounter. I was in awe in it's beauty! The trail had trees that fell, covering the path, so we had to find out way through foliage, logs and the river, to an opening so that we could have a clear view. I could have stayed there all day!

Sunday, we packed up and headed out on one last hike. This time we stopped at Koosah Falls and Sahalie Falls. There is a 3 mile loop that takes you to both falls and back around. I have been to those falls several times and I never get used to their beauty; they are so big and powerful. We spread Mike's dad's ashes below the falls last year so it was nice to stop by and send our love to him.

While we were camping I spent many hours staring into the flowing river, staring up at the twinkling stars and into the flickering fire. I spent many hours reflecting on life; the past, the present and the future. I was reading Inconceivable and there were several things that were written in that book that sparked thoughts in my head. I had so many thoughts that I even wrote down a list of blog posts I want to write some day soon.

I am still in a very happy place. I am content with where we are. I am very much a peace and this weekend helped me to recognize that. I have seen a shift in my attitude and outlook and I plan to continue down this path.... for as long as I can.

On the TTC front (or lack there of) I am CD 34 and DPO 15; so we think.  I noticed that I have tender breasts and low back pain on the left side. I am having slight AF cramps but nothing too bad. I don't know why but, I seem to have a lot of EWCM after ovulation up until AF; or at least close to it and the ovary pains on the left side are still coming and going. Last month my cycle was 43 days... we shall see what happens.

For now...
"Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience" 
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Paradise Campground

Our  morning view

Blue Pool

One tired dog

She was pooped

Proxy Falls


Sahalie Falls

McKenzie River

Koosah Falls


  1. I saw these pictures before, but I just love them. I would love to go there someday! And don't feel bad about commenting. I suck at it. So much going on right now. Do the best you can, but get outside and enjoy the weather :)

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Looks like it was truly an amazing trip and I'm glad you were able to commune with nature.

    Regarding taking a break from blogs while on a break from TTC, I think it's a very natural thing to do. Part of the whole point is to step away from this process and it's hard to do when you're actively involved in this community. So no guilt over taking care of yourself.

  3. Omg, your pictures and descriptions of your hikes and camping are absolutely beautiful. Gotta love the summers in the Pacific Northwest!

    So glad you are in a happy place right now. :-)

  4. Woah! Those pics are beautiful! Your dog reminds me of mine. Love fur babies! And love your attitude!

  5. Looks like a wonderful spot to enjoy the day and regroup.

  6. Love the pictures!! :) Sometimes when taking a break from TTC, it's healthy to take a break from the blogs, writing about your journey, etc..

  7. That is so pretty! I'm glad you were able to get away!

  8. Don't worry about commenting. It would make us bad friends to ask you to read and comment when you aren't emotionally prepared for it. Take your time to get your head back in the game, we'll be here when you're ready <3

    Those pictures are absolutely gorgeous! I'm jealous that you got to spend time in such a beautiful location.

  9. Beautiful pictures! Glad you had a great time :)

  10. Those pictures are just stunning! Thanks for sharing them :) So glad you and your hubby had such a great time!

  11. so glad you had a getaway trip! Beautiful pics! Glad to see you blogging again ;)

  12. I am so beyond jealous of the beauty in your state. We did visit a blue hole in Santa Rosa New Mexico and I didn't want to leave.

    Keep enjoying time with your husband and have new adventures. These are the moments life is made of!

  13. Glad you're in such a peaceful place, and looking at these photos it's not hard to see why. Gorgeous! I hope you manage to channel this shift in attitude into a sustained kind of contentment.

  14. Love your pics!! I always find being in nature so wonderful for the spirit.

    p.s. They say that a lot of EWCM is a sign of pregnancy! Could it be?? I sure hope so!!


  15. Wow that looks so beautiful!! I'm so glad you're in a good place emotionally. <3

  16. Beautiful pictures! The color of the blue pool is amazing!

    As other have said, I think that it is healthy to take a step back from blogging and reading about other infertility journeys while you are on a break yourself. Enjoy the summer!

  17. Love this! I haven't been camping for years, as my Hubby is more of a spa and hotel kind of guy. I finally convinced him to go camping next weekend, though- but not anywhere quite as beautiful as that! I'm so glad you've had a chance to relax and enjoy the summer. :)

  18. I love reading about how happy you are right now! I'm so glad you are taking the time to enjoy life and enjoy each other right now. I believe we spread my grandpa's ashes last summer at Proxy Falls, and we had a girl on our softball team this summer named Sahalie, named after Sahalie Falls because that was her grandpa's favorite place. It truly is a beautiful area that we are so lucky to have here in Oregon.


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