Tuesday, December 18, 2012


On December 14, 2012, we were all hit with a sad, horrific, heartbreaking crime. 27 people lost their lives that day, and billions of hearts were torn apart.

I am not a mother, but I am an aunt, and for me, that is pretty darn close. I wouldn't know what to do if one of my nieces or nephews never came home from school. These children in Connecticut are not my next of kin, or friends, not even acquaintances. They are complete strangers, but I grieve for each and every one.

There are so many opinions going around as to why this happened and who is to blame. So many of those comments make me ill. This is not a debate. A mentally ill individual killed 27 innocent people. HE is to blame. Not the NRA, the school, the teachers, the shooter's parents, and NOT GOD! The shooter was obviously mentally unstable, he was ill. Normal people do not have thoughts of mass murder; let alone a mass murder of small children. A normal person could not carry out those actions. 

I have chosen not to read any information about the shooter, I wont even call him by name. Maybe that is cruel, since we think he was ill, and obviously in need of  mental health help. But, none the less, he killed those beautiful people, and then himself. Leaving us all wondering "WHY"?

These days I notice myself reflecting on my loved ones, reaching out to them, spending more time with them, telling them how much I love them, because we just never know.

I vow to remember these families and to keep them in my prayers always. May their memories live on....

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