Monday, December 3, 2012

"I bet that gets expensive"

I decided I would post a  rough estimate of our fertility costs. People always ask us how much it is costing us out of pocket, since the insurance doesn't cover any infertility treatments (You don't want me to to get started on insurance and diagnosis; that is a whole different post in itself!), or remind us how expensive it is. We know. Some people save for a vacation, or a new car. We save for a baby. I am currently having some teeth problems, and I asked my mom "What do I do? Put money in my mouth, or uterus!" Haha!

Here is the breakdown--this will explain what we have done to this point and what we face next. Hang on to your seats!

To date (remember this is rough estimate, I am going off memory here!)

June 2011- Surgery to insure there was no endometriosis, made sure tubes were open and clear, cleaned out uterus and checked for cysts.
My cost: $2,500
Insurance covered $ 10,000

July 2011- Started clomid 50 mg days 5-9
My cost: $6.00 for meds, $150.00 follow up ultrasound

August 2011- same as above

September 2011- Clomid 100 mg
My cost: $12.00 for meds, 150.00 for ultrasound

October 2011- Clomid 150 mg days 3-7
My cost: $15.00 for meds, $150.00 for ultrasound, and $120.00 for lab work

November -Feburary-- Rest cycles. We tried naturally here... and my cycles went back to 34- 56 days apart!

Feburary-- We were referred to a RE in Eugene; Dr. Austin. He diagnosed me with PCOS and explained what it was to me. (I should go into that in another post!)
I started taking Metformin. I started with 1,000 mg a day, and now I am up to 1,500 mg. I don't even know I am on it. I don't have any side effects. Rarely.

March- Started Femara, 5mg, days 3-7
My cost: $5.00 meds, $120.00 lab work
We went to Vegas in March, and I tested positive for ovulation on day 15!!!

April- Same as above + $450.00 for ultrasound, ovulation on day 17

May- Same as above + IUI 
My cost: $375.00 IUI, $150.00 ultrasound

June- Rest cycle. My period went from 31 days to 43 days

July-- Injection series
My cost: $600.00 for the meds, $300.00 lab work, $150.00 ultrasound, $375.00 for the IUI

August- #2 Injection series
My cost: $700 for the meds, $300.00 for lab work, and $450 for the ultrasound

September- today--
Rest cycles- I am currently on birth control to keep my periods from going haywire again! BOO!

Our future plan:

IVF in the Spring/early Summer

  • Charges are for the following:
  • Visits assosiated with IVF 
  • Ultrasounds during injections and retrieval/transfer
  • Hormolnal mointoring (lab work)
  • Embryo development, care and transfer
  • ICSI
  • Anesthesisa
  • Supplies( surgery pack)
  • Retrieval room
  • Doctor Fees
  • Sperm processing
  • Embryology lab
  • Transfer supplies
  • Transfer room
  • Cryopreservation/ 1 year storage
  • Sperm Analysis
  • Hysteroscopy
  • Lab
  • Pap Smear
  • Meds

Total: $8,000- $12,000

 Important Notes About IVF Cycle Costs

  • Insurance does not pay a dime on anything infertility related
  • We have a HRA account with a balance of $4.000 that will go towards the medication price
  • Additional FET if the first transfer fails is $1,500 dollars more + meds
  • There is no guarantee. We could spend the money, go through the process and still end up with no baby!

You can read all about IVF here:

Well, there you have it!

Feel free to ask me any questions- I am happy to answer them.


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