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  1. How much are you willing to spend on trying to get pregnant?

  2. Dear Anonymous-
    We have not set a "set amount". But we did commit to racking up as little debt as possible. One IVF cycle is roughly $12,000. We are willing to spend at least that, hopefully paid in full, so we are really trying to save. Fingers crossed that we won't have to cross the IVF bridge! Hope this answers your question! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. How do you know you have PCOS? What are the symptoms?

    1. Trish-
      Since there are no "set tests" or "set symptoms" for PCOS, diagnosis can be difficult. However, most diagnosis can be assessed in women who have irregular or absent periods.
      You can base a diagnosis of PCOS off of lab works and ultrasounds. Lab work usually includes test like, testosterone, FSH, LH, and prolactin.
      Ultrasounds can view the number of cyst at any point during the cycle. A woman with many small cysts (12 or more measuring 10mm or smaller)is considered to have PCOS.
      Women with PCOS tend to have unwanted hair growth (face, back, nipples), acne, problems losing weight, annovulation and skin tags.

      Hope that helps!

    2. So, if you are not trying to get pregnant, would PCOS be something a woman would have to worry about? Is it harmful to your health? Or would you just experience the annoying symptoms...hair growth, acne, etc.?

    3. Yes. PCOS, if not treated, can lead to: type two diabetes, heart disease, endometrial cancer, lipid abnormalities, high cholesterol, and sleep apnea. Genes play a big roll in PCOS. If you have the syndrome, its likely that your sisters and daughters have a 50% of developing it.

    4. What do you mean "if not treated"? Other than diet/exercise- I have never heard of a treatment. I have PCOS, (diagnosed 12/2009) And while mine was not (at that point) progressed to the point of infertility (though I was told I would not get pregnant without fertility drugs twice by two different practices)- I did get pregnant twice without fertility drugs or treatment. I suffered one miscarriage. I have a beautiful 2 year old. I have facial hair. I have weight issues - the issue is that it is really hard for me to lose weight, and I had gestational diabetes (and am considered pre-diabetic).... I know some docs have mentioned cyst removal, but they said it only scars the ovaries, and the cysts just come back... Other than that - no one has mentioned treatments. Have you heard of any? If so, can you tell me so I can ask about them... I would LOVE to be able to look into the mirror without seeing a beard (or the beginnings of one, after not waxing for 2 weeks) . Or be able to do a normal diet/exercise routine without having to kill myself to lose weight. Sounds dumb, I know...

    5. By "treatment" I mean: diet, exercise, Metformin (for blood level stabilization) blood test to insure all other levels are within normal limits. I have been on the metformin for a couple years now and I have noticed a slight decrease of facial hair and skin tags- for sure! Keep off the carbs and lower the sugar intake! I had to seek help to lose the weight because it was not coming off. I have gone from 203 pounds to 168 pounds since the end of May!

      Good luck!

  4. IUI? Huh? Internal Uteris Investigation? Illegal Unicorn Industry? Impulsive Urinating Inbreds? You better just explain...

  5. IUI- Inter Uterine Insemination

    This is a procedure that takes place in the doctor's office. The sperm is collected into a sterile cup and then it is washed and prepared. Once the sperm is ready the doctor inserts the sperm via a long catheter into the vagina, passed the cervix, into the uterus. By doing this the sperm is that much closer to the egg, should ovulation occur. This procedure is commonly used when: women have poor CM, men have low sperm count or motility or when ovulation is irregular. IUI is usually attempted several times before moving onto IVF in most cases.

  6. Ok I have many questions.
    1. Do OPK tell you that you already ovulated or that you will ovulate?

    2. With BBT tracking how do you know you will ovulate or did ovulate?

    3. I found HPT and OPKs online they are VERY inexpressive and are the same ones my doctor uses at his office (HCG test). They are basically the "insides" to a test. Do you (or anyone reading this) have any experience with these tests? Thoughts?

    4. Any experience with the clearblue fertility monitor? Thoughts?

    FYI I too have PCOS plus ENDO cause God has a weird sense of humor.

    1. HI HPBC-
      Thanks for your questions! All great ones!
      1. OPKs tell you before you ovulate. They detect the LH surge and ovulation should occur 12-48 hours later.
      2. Usually prior to ovulation your BBT drops and after ovulation it spikes and will stay elevated until the next cycle.
      3. I hear a lot of people using the strips both HPT and OPK and they all report great results. I have even used the dollar store brand and they were accurate.
      4. I have wondered about the monitor too. I hear that it is not useful during a medicated cycle (which is how I ovulate). Having PCOS makes any LH detector difficult.

      PCOS sucks! I hear Endo is the pits too!

  7. Thank you for the speedy response!

    If LH surge detection is difficult for us cysters then it really is just a leap of faith.

    Hmmm someone needs to invent an OPK specifically designed for cysters. It would sell like hot cakes because there are so many more of us out there than people think.

    Yep ENDO hits me so hard some days I just want to crawl to the doctor and tell him to just give me a hysterectomy. Then I remember that when you have kids it stops being about you and is about them. Well, I might not have kids yet but I am willing to endure and put them first.

    Good luck and BABY DUST!

  8. Do you have any unwanted facial hair?? I have a lot on my chin and neck area, and its starting to get worse. I've tried creams, I pluck and shave. If you do what have you found works the best to get rid of it?

  9. Hello! I am also here in Oregon and starting with IVF next month in Eugene. Any advice on the clinic there...it looks like you might live around Eugene?? Or maybe you're in Bend?? Thanks!!!


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