Our Costs

Fertility Center of Oregon
IUI's- $395.00
Follicle check- $550.00
Estradiol/Progesterone B/W- $130.00-$150.00 
SA- $100.00
Charges for IVF at FCO include the following:
Visits associated with IVF 
Ultrasounds during injections and retrieval/transfer
Hormonal monitoring (lab work)
Embryo development, care and transfer
Supplies( surgery pack)
Retrieval room
Doctor Fees
Sperm processing
Embryology lab
Transfer supplies
Transfer room
Cryopreservation/ 1 year storage
Sperm Analysis
Pap Smear
(not included $2,000-5,000 aprox.)
Total: $8,000- $12,000 per cycle

IUI's- $375.00
Follicle Check- $150.00 
HCG- $150.00

St. Charles
Baseline U/S (Follicle check) - $550.00 
Progesterone/Estradiol B/W - $120.00 -$130.00

HMG- First Round of injection stimulation- $600.00 for 30 vials (purchased through clinic) (had 15 vials left over)
HMG- Second Round of injection stimulation- $780.00 for 15 extra vials (purchased over seas) (have 11 vials left over)
HCG- $78.00 (x2) per injection (purchased from Ascend Pharmacy)
Metformin- $15.00 monthly (manages PCOS)
Femara 7.5mg- $137.88x6  for 15 pills (our insurance changed in August 2012- we used to pay $15.00 for 10 pills of Femara)
OPK's- Anywhere from $15.00- $40.00 (per cycle) 
Trigger Shot- $150.00


  1. Hey, thought I would let you know that in WA if you get your femara (letrozole) at costco it only costs $7! Seriously, $7 for 10 pills. You dont even have to be a costco member, you get a pharmacy pass at the customer service desk and go to the pharmacy! My Dr. mentioned it might be cheaper there and when I called around every other place was over $200. I am not using any insurance either. You should see what it costs in Oregon and other states that have costcos!

    1. Seriously? I will look into that if we do another cycle! Geesh that is a huge difference!

  2. $150 for a trigger shot? Is it ovidrel or something else. If it is ovidrel, I just got mine for $79.50 via Alexander's Twin Pharmacy.

    1. Indeed it was Ovidrel. I had to purchase it from my OB last minute. We were not expecting to do them those cycles and I had no choice. I was paying 78.00 from Ascend. Bad planning on my part!


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