Thursday, December 24, 2015

2015 Updates

Merry Christmas Eve!

I can't believe my last post was nearly a year ago! I have thought about writing so many times, but I am in such a different place in my life that I don't know what to write.

Since the year is coming to an end I decided I wanted to update my blog just a little. So, I decided I will review our 2015 Bucket List.

We finally made it to Below the Falls Lodge for Mike's birthday and it was amazing and so extremely peaceful! The house was FULL of unique d├ęcor and was just so cozy!

This summer was spent camping and kayaking! We bought ourselves a travel trailer and kayaks and we made sure we got as much use out of them as possible. Camping is so much easier with the trailer, but we have not and will not retire the tent. I still love tent camping! We made it up to Timothy Lake for the first time and hike the Pacific Crest Trail

We both got our passports (Mike only had to renew his) and we made it out of the country! We went to Dream Riviera near Cancun Mexico for our 4th wedding anniversary and it was wonderful! We didn't leave the resort as I was not feeling super great; the heat and humidity killed me, but we met some amazing people and enjoyed the resort a lot. Next time though, we will try for a different location.

Mike has been fishing many times, but that is his passion not mine so I don't have any photos of this trips :-) Fishing is his outlet and its my least favorite hobby- I have NO patience anymore.

We didn't make it to a professional sports even either- time seriously got away from us. I started a new job and Mike got a different position at work so we couldn't really ask for more time off. My niece moved to Florida so I am hoping we can go visit her soon and I can take Mike to a Miami Heat game!

We just had out 4th Annual White Elephant Party and it was a blast as usual; it is a great reminder that my life is full of fun people!

And finally. I turned 34 a couple weeks ago and Mike took me to Sunriver to shop and then to a nice quiet dinner. It was a great day!

That is pretty much my 2015 in review! I am still here.... still thinking about you guys. We are no longer trying to have a baby- we are focusing on enjoying the life we do have and surrounding ourselves with loved ones. I will get into our infertility issue at a later date; it's just not my focus these days.